Construction Management


The Construction Management prepares students for a professional role in the management of construction projects by providing students with an understanding of both the people-related and technical requirements necessary for the successful management of projects, as well as their organizational and strategic aspects. The course enables theoretical and conceptual exploration of construction project management issues whilst also stressing the essential practical aspects such as project control mechanisms, resource management, budgeting and cost management, stakeholder management, contract management, IT applications and information management.
Engagement with important and emerging construction industry issues is built into course Unit learning and assessment activities; the core Construction Project Management Professional Practice unit being delivered in partnership with industry partner organizations so that students are exposed to the challenging and exciting environment of contemporary civil engineering and construction projects.

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Program Aims

This course aims to provide you with the highly sought-after knowledge and skills needed to manage construction process, particularly collaborating with numerous stakeholders

The Construction Management course will help you:

  • Gain a broad foundation in technical knowledge and managerial skills for a rewarding career in construction management.
  • Acquire knowledge in finance, contracts and other areas critical to delivering large-scale projects
  • Understand the major issues involved with collaborating and managing multiple stakeholders and applying academic knowledge to inform objective decision-making
  • Learn how information technology can increase productivity and communicate results obtained through analysis, design and management of all resources
  • Develop interpersonal skills, enhancing the ability to manage large and small teams and collaborate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.

What Topics are Covered in the MiniMBA?

Module Code Module
BM-101 Management Concepts – Functions, theories, and skills
BM-102 Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
BM-103 Characteristics of Business
FM-101 Financial Management
HRM-101 Human Resource management: An Overview
MM-101 Defining marketing for the new realities
BM-301 The organization setting
BM-401 Leadership theories and models
CM-601 Introduction to construction management
CM-605 Risk management at construction site
CM-609 Organizing for the construction process
CM-612 Supply Chain Management in Construction
CM-614 Pre Project Phase
CM-617 Project Mobilization phase
CM-618 Project Operation phase
CM-619 Project Closeout and termination phase