Marketing Management


This programme provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent business managers and specialists in the field of marketing. Students acquire the skills necessary to be able to conduct research and to analyze and interpret data to obtain insights that allow them to identify and effectively satisfy consumer needs and demands for products and /or services.

Students are also equipped with the knowledge to develop marketing strategies that identifies and guides the optimal delivery of customer value and are taught to effectively use both traditional and digital marketing communications platforms to effectively reach customers and convey their product and / or services offerings value. While attempting to ensure that a sound theoretical foundation is laid, use id also made of both practical examples in the learning situation as well as providing students with the opportunity to gain practical experiences through industry projects which form part of the module content.

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Program Aims

The aims of the program are as follows.

  • To develop an understanding of different domains of knowledge and a range of prospective in the study of marketing communications and advertising in both domestic and international contexts.
  • To provide an in depth and intellectually challenging study of advertising and marketing communications, whilst encouraging independent judgment and awareness.
  • To enhance the learner’s intellectual and transferable skills especially those relevant to the communication industry, including critical, individual and team skills.
  • To appreciate new emerging developments within the advertising and marketing communications domain.

What Topics are Covered in the MiniMBA?

Module Code Module
BM-101 Management Concepts – Functions, theories, and skills
BM-102 Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
BM-103 Characteristics of Business
BM-104 Social and Ethical environment of business
FAM-109 Financial Management
HRM-501 Human resource management: an overview
BM-301 The organization setting
BM-401 Leadership theories and models
MM-801 Developing marketing strategies and plans
MM-802 Capturing marketing insights
MM-803 Capturing marketing research
MM-804 Analyzing business markets
MM-805 Identifying market segment and targets
MM-806 Creating brand equity
MM-807 Setting product strategy
MM-808 Developing pricing strategic and programs