Oil an Gas Management


The oil and gas management programme, offered by GABM is ideal for people with no prior experience of energy management, as well those already working in the industry.
We teach you about oil and gas production, infrastructure and use, so you’ll be equipped to work in senior roles in any area of oil and gas management. You’ll be introduced to current themes and trends in the oil and gas industry, gaining valuable insight into the management of oil and gas from upstream to downstream.
Everything you learn will be rooted in the contemporary business landscape, drawing in real practical examples and case studies so you’ll be able to enter the industry upon graduation with a solid understanding of issues, challenges and opportunities that the sector faces.

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Program Aims

Emerging superpowers, India and China, are competing on the world stage for a larger share of the world’s energy resources. As a result, more countries around the world are developing their natural resources, and as competition increases so do the energy prices. This fast growing sector of the world’s economy therefore represents a big opportunity for employment for highly skilled professionals and managers.

This programme aims to provide specialist professional development and qualifications for a wide range of potential employers including national and multinational energy companies, consultancies, energy ministries and international agencies. Students are expected to be exposed to the complexities of management within the industry helping to have a strong understanding of the interconnections between the different value chains of the oil and gas industry.

The programme is designed to meet the increasing demand for practical management skills for students and professionals working in the energy industry and provide students with skills and mindsets that will allow them to operate within and lead in the energy industry of the 21st century. In addition, it will provide an educational experience in which students can achieve an integrated understanding of the science and management strategy within the context of the energy and hydrocarbon industry, while also developing appropriate intellectual and personal skills.

The Oil and Gas Management has the following aims.

  • Encourage students to approach their academic and subsequent professional careers as creative and innovative managers and engineers.
  • Prepare students with the necessary scientific, engineering and technological principles and tools to resolve complex design problems in oil and gas management applications individually and as part of a team.
  • Ensure that successful graduate will have the potential to contribute to significant advances in engineering and technology and social issues associated with oil and gas management.
  • Extend knowledge of technologies and related sciences in the resolution of oil and gas management problems.
  • Develop the critical and analytical skills involving the principles, practices and techniques of oil and gas management.
  • Develop the student’s research methods and application.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding and application of management skills, including team working leadership and organization to implement strategies to resolve management problems and projects.

What Topics are Covered in the MiniMBA?

Module Code Module
BM-101 Management Concepts – Functions, theories, and skills
BM-102 Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
BM-103 Characteristics of Business
MM-101 Defining marketing for the new realities
FAM-109 Financial Management
HRM-501 Human resource management: an overview
BM-301 The organization setting
BM-401 Leadership theories and models
OGM-881 The global oil and gas industry
OGM-882 Production of oil and gas
OGM-883 Access, leasing and exploration
OGM-884 Capital sourcing for the oil and gas industry
OGM-885 Developing oil and gas projects
OGM-886 Natural gas
OGM-887 Market of crude oil
OGM-888 Transportation