Industrial and Engineering Management


This course is aimed at individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge of industrial and engineering management. Students can have a variety of undergraduate degree qualifications coming from a mechanical, design, civil or manufacturing engineering background. In addition, it also helps experienced managers supplement their knowledge with educational qualifications.
The programme has a strong focus on the skills required by industrial engineers. As well as developing a wide range of skills set that a competent and highly skilled industrial engineer should have. This skill set includes production and productivity, product design, planning and development, system concept, industrial ownership, supervisory and leadership, engineering economics etc. students will acquire a skill set that is highly sought after by employers.
This programme gives you the skill to adopt changes in an industrial and engineering environment in a responsible and efficient manner, through established concepts in manufacturing, quality and innovation.

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Program Aims

This programme has been specifically designed to equip graduates with problem solving, technical and managerial skills and knowledge related to industrial and engineering management and to prepare them for professional careers in managing manufacturing, engineering and other technologically oriented services.

Graduates from this programme should develop.

  • A thorough understanding of the principles and technology related to engineering and manufacturing services.
  • In-depth knowledge of industrial engineering and industrial management concepts and techniques and the ability to apply these techniques in designing and managing, manufacturing, engineering and other services.
  • The ability to conceptualize, analyze, synthesize and implement industrial systems and services and Efficiently manage manufacturing, engineering and others technology oriented systems

What Topics are Covered in the MiniMBA?

Module Code Module
BM-101 Management Concepts – Functions, theories, and skills
BM-102 Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
BM-103 Characteristics of Business
BM-104 Social and Ethical environment of business
FAM-109 Financial Management
MM-101 Defining marketing for the new realities
BM-301 The organization setting
BM-401 Leadership theories and models
IEM-701 Industrial engineering and management science
IEM-702 Production and productivity
IEM-703 Systems concept, value analysis and plant maintenance
IEM-704 Industrial psychology, and environment pollution
IEM-705 Materials, purchase , stores management
IEM-706 Inventory control and management
IEM-707 Small scale industries and entrepreneurship
IEM-708 Engineering economics, professional and business ethics