Strategic and Leadership Management


This is the ideal programme for individuals in the private and public sector, who are seeking greater understanding about utilizing leadership to drive greater results. The programme gives you a variety of strategies in order to co-ordinate, develop and manage in a diverse and competitive environment.
The programme will help organizations to retain and develop talent, build management and leadership capability and bring an extra dimension to existing professional development within their organization.
This programme is specially designed for experienced managers seeking to develop practical skills whilst working towards an academy award. In providing a general management qualification, the programme is suitable for managers from all functions and all industry sectors.

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International Students

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Program Aims

  • Develop individual skills and prepare participants for leadership career progression in their chosen industry sector, mainly through development of their technical knowledge and skills, and their conceptual and analytical abilities.
  • Prepare participants for leadership roles in which they will be expected to contribute towards the functional and strategic management of their organization.
  • Enable participants to see ways in which theory can be applied in practice to complex issues with the aim of improving business and management practice.
  • Provide a relevant, practical and constantly updated programme through close links with business organizations.

What Topics are Covered in the MiniMBA?

Module Code Module
BM-101 Management Concepts – Functions, theories, and skills
BM-102 Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
BM-103 Characteristics of Business
FAM-109 Financial Management
HRM-101 Human resource management: an overview
MM-101 Defining marketing for the new realities
BM-301 The organization setting
BM-401 Leadership theories and models
SLM-601 Essentials of leadership and management
SLM-602 Basic concept of strategic management
SLM-603 Developing high performance culture
SLM-604 Corporate governance
SLM-605 Corporate strategy
SLM-606 Strategy implementation: Organizing for action
SLM-607 Strategy implementation: staffing and directing
SLM-608 Evaluation and control